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    Install Cydia Apps Using Cyder

    Just before anything else, you have to take note that this program will work only for jailbroken iPhones. If you are one of the people who do not want to take the risk to jailbreak their iPhones, then this is NOT for you. And for the braver ones, read on…
    1. The very thing to do is to get what you really need. Download Cyder HERE. Once you’re done, simply unzip it.
    2. Before doing anything, connect your iPhone via USB. After which, you are set to do the following steps.
    3. Launch Cyder either by double-clicking it or right-click and click on “Open.” When Cyder runs, you will be welcomed by this screen.
    4. As you can see, there are available repositories in the window. These are just few of the many repositories where you can download Cydia apps. Just in case you know some more, feel free to add them up. If you cannot see them, simply add these ones:

    5. When you are done adding the sources to download apps from, hit the “Refresh” button to simply load Cydia’s list of apps. It will take some time to load the list of [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]applications[/COLOR][/COLOR]. A little patience will really do you good this time.
    6. Now click on the “Packages” icon to the left.
    In here, you can select the apps you want to download for your iPhone. You need to check the box of the corresponding apps you wanted to download. Highlighting an item will give show the description to the right.
    7. If you think you are ready to download what you’ve checked, just click on the “Download” icon. Downloading may also take time depending on how fast your connection is.
    8. Once done, click on the “Synchronization” icon to the right. You will be brought to this window.
    9. Highlight the app you want to install then click on the Green Arrow beside AutoInstall Folder; doing so will add up the app you selected to that folder for auto [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]installation[/COLOR][/COLOR].
    10. If you are done putting all the apps you want to copy to your iPhone, it’s time to click on the Green Arrow, as shown in the screenshot below.
    11. You should wait until all the apps have been copied to your iPhone, then quit Cyder. After which, reboot your iPhone. You should be able to find the Cydia apps you just installed after that.

    Source: maketecheasier
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    cái này cũng có lâu rồi ! tuy nhiên cám ơn vì đã nhắc lại 1 ứng dụng hũu ích này :D
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    Cyder 2 hay hơn nhiều :D
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    Sau khi sync vào có cần chạy -dpkt từng file deb không ạ?