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  1. Leonidas® Thành viên

    Foreca Weather v1.3.1 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 Unsigned *******-illusion

    Foreca Weather v1.3.1 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 Unsigned *******-illusion


    ForecaWeather provides weather forecasts, current conditions and various weather animations for over 80.000 locations world-wide. You can configure what kind of weather information you want to download. There is also an option to insert weather forecasts in your phone calendar.

    ForecaWeather features the following Foreca mobile produts:

    -Current conditions
    -Detailed forecast with 6h time-steps
    -Long 10 day forecast
    -Weather radar (North Europe and USA)
    -Temperature forecast map
    -Precipitation forecast map
    -Symbol map
    -Wind forecast map
    -Cloudiness forecast map
    -Satellite images
    -Graphical products are available as still images and animations.


    You need an Internet/GPRS data subscription to be able to download the weather data. Contact your mobile operator for details and applicable fees. You can also use Wi-Fi connection, if your phone supports Wi-Fi.


    ForecaWeather is designed for S60 3rd edition devices. We have tested the Nokia devices below but application may work on other S60 3rd edition devices as well.

    Tested Nokia devices: 3250, 5500, 5700 XpressMusic, E60, E61, E61i, E65, E70, E90, N71, N73, N76, N80, N81 8GB, N82, N91, N93i, N95, N95 8GB, 6120 classic and 6110 Navigator.

    Languages supported: English, German, French, Italian and Finnish

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  2. Leonidas®

    Leonidas® Thành viên

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    Foreca Weather v1.3.1 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 Unsigned *******-illusion

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  3. tichau

    tichau Thành viên

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    Dr Jukka Y-Alarms V0.91

    Your Alarms is a free multialarm applications designed for OS 9.1 S60 Symbian smartphones. OS 9.1 Symbian mobile phones usually do not have the multialarm applications implemented with native software.

    Y-Alarms should also work with other 3rd edition S60 smart phones as well, and has been tested with Nokia devices with OS 9.2.

    Download the file, and go to Symbian signed. And remember that you'll need to mark following capabilities:
    - LocalServices,
    - NetworkServices,
    - ReadUserData,
    - UserEnvironment,
    - WriteUserData,
    - ReadDeviceData, and
    - WriteDeviceData

    Additional new functionalities, include:
    - Deleting & changing alarms that were set on by other applications,
    - Changing alarm sounds, and
    - Changing work day settings.
    - Changing Snooze times for both alarms


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  4. tichau

    tichau Thành viên

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    FreeTimeBox v1.02 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 Unsigned by junnikokuki{Update 22/09/08}

    the v1.02 official version renews:
    1st, WAP synchronization!!
    2nd, demonstration second option
    3rd, time format option (system, 24 hour, 12 hours)
    4th, name list type choice (blacklist, white list)
    5th, the procedure name list inducts derives the function!!
    6th, from the definition time revision function (may when synchronization carries on revision again in correct time)
    7th, removed built-in has waited for an opportunity, the telephone procedure and the fixed procedure.


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  5. tichau

    tichau Thành viên

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    Kedar.Chitale.Time.Machine.v1.7.1.S60v3.SymbianOS9 .1.Crac ked.Read.NFO-BiNPDA


    Time Machine provides Clock, Alarm, Stopwatch and Timer functionality for Symbian Series 60 mobile phones. With Time Machine you can check time of any city in the world, count time or get reminded about something. World clock displays time for selected cities with automatic daylight savings time calculation. Alarms can be used to schedule recurring alarms with configurable days of a week or option to recur after every configured number of weeks, months. The flexibility of Alarms provides multi-purpose use like taking medicines on time, or attending your class on time, or remembering to buy gift for your friends anniversary. Stopwatches can be used for recording time spent on some specific activities or simply record swimming or racing lap times. Timers can be used for timely reminders and can save you from a parking ticket, or toasting a recipe

    # Symbian style interface with hotkeys, sound customizations and auto start option
    # City clocks with automatic calculation of daylight savings times.
    # Alarms with recurring options, sound customizations and user selectable snooze interval
    # Stopwatches with lap counter and summary sorted by fastest or slowest times
    # Timers with sound customizations


    Sound Customization - Alarm and timer sounds can be customized or can be set to use the default setting on the menu page. Volume and ascending sound can be set in the menu settings page. Following formats are supported *.mp3, *.mid, *.aac, *.wav, *.mxmf, *.amr from Sounds\ and Sounds\Digital\ sub-folders of C:\Nokia, E:\ and Z:\Nokia\ (where C: is phone memory, E: is storage card and Z: is operating system).

    Run in background - The Done button send the application to background to minimize resource utilization. If you exit the application completely using the options-exit, you will not receive any notifications

    Auto Start - The application auto starts itself in the background after a 45 seconds delay when phone is restarted. This can be disabled from the menu settings page


    * Menu - (1) - Clock, (2) - Alarm, (3) - Stop Watch, (4) - Timer
    * Clock - (Selection Pad) - Settings, (C) - Delete
    * Alarm - (Selection Pad) - Settings, (C) - Delete
    * Stopwatch - (Selection Pad) - Settings, (1) - Start, (2) - Lap, (3) - Stop, (C) - Delete
    * Timer - (Selection Pad) - Settings, (1) - Start, (3) - Stop, (C) - Delete
  6. tichau

    tichau Thành viên

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    Sunclock v1.3.24 by Gergely Gati *updated* [All Resolutions]

    Sunclock is a J2ME Midlet that displays a map of the Earth and indicates the illuminated portion of the globe by drawing sunlit areas dark on light, night areas as light on dark. In addition to providing local time for the default timezone, it also displays up to four additional cities on the map with the local times also. The map updated every minute to follow the movement of the earth.

    Using the Setup menu you can choose the cities according to your interest. You can give the DST rules for the chosen city. If you have internet access on your handset you should search the city using the "Search" menu and the remote service will find the proper DST rule settings for you. Otherwise you should use the provided online DST rule search service on the top right corner of this page. You have to specify the correct timezone values relative from GMT (for example +5.5hours will appear as 530) and the integer WGS-84 coordinates multiplied by ten (N14.7432 will be lat: 147) of the cities to display them on the map. Thus most of the current phones do not supports the timezone settings, the localtime will be calculated based on the Main City setup and the internal phone clock will be interpreted as a timezone corrected local time value according to the Main City timezone selection.

    Release notes:

    • Bad rendering after day 266 - fixed

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  7. nhuhienltd

    nhuhienltd Thành viên

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    TimeBar 1.16 Signed

    Timer Bar

    friends this application really very good

    attributes of aplication
    its show to clock on everywhere on phone,when you enter into another application you will see to clock on phone,it's using very easy,you can adjust the size,also u can colorize ur clock and u can use to hour alarm or sound tone,if u want this app. to warn u in each hour with vibration or tone.
    i using to this programı for long time and it's looking very nice on phone

    i took some screenshoth from my phone

    note: this application already siged u can install directly to your mobile

    some colur code
    255 255 255 white
    190 190 190 grey
    0 0 0 black
    125 38 205 purple
    255 0 0 red
    255 165 0 orange
    255 255 0 yellow
    0 255 0 green
    0 245 255 turquoise
    0 0 238 blue


    if u want this app. to warn u in each hour with vibration or tone paste all voice folder to "c:\data\sounds\TimeBar" or "E:\sounds\TimeBar"

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  8. tanthien

    tanthien Thành viên

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    SBSH Calendar 1.5 Beta 2 S60v3 Regged *New Interface & Improved*

    Empower Your Mobile Phone!
    The complete time management solution for your Symbian S60


    Manage your busy life with SBSH Calendar and your mobile phone. SBSH Calendar is a robust time management solution for Symbian series 60 devices. SBSH Calendar offers smart views and powerful tools to manage and keep track of your schedule and tasks. This is how your Series 60 device is supposed to act!

    SBSH Calendar can be synchronized with your desktop Outlook using the Nokia PC suite, including items' note/description fields (For Symbian 7 or higher) that are missing when using the default calendar application. Google calendar categories syncing is also supported!

    Daily View
    NEW! Optionally use Themed Layout Mode for a fully integrated display with your current theme
    NEW! Optionally use single-line layout or multi-line layout for optimized display on landscape screens
    Today's events all on your screen
    Joint display for both appointments and tasks
    View alarm, private, note and recurring status icons for each of your items
    View category icons and leading rectangles for each item according to the selected categories
    Customize text size, color based on item's characters, item display layout and more!


    List View
    Full week display all at once
    Showing one line of each subject for more information display
    List view style offers a seven day look ahead display with maximum details, icons and category colors
    Scroll backward and forward by weeks by moving the joystick left and right, and scroll up and down to navigate between items
    See your status icons for each appointment


    Grid View
    NEW! Overhauled Grid view display with daily headers and timelines
    NEW! Header colors indicating Special Event categories and weekend days
    Full week grid display with one line subjects
    Optionally set smaller font size for more data display packed on one screen
    View mini leading rectangles for each appointment based on the appointment category color
    Scroll through days and weeks using the mobile phone joy-pad


    Monthly View
    Entire month display on one screen
    A 20 hour timeline with category colors showing your appointments appear on each day
    View category icons on each day rectangle on the monthly view
    All day and anniversary icons on each day rectangle for days that include all day or anniversary events
    Choose to show a Quick-View at the bottom of the screen that shows the current day's activities
    The Quick-View has a larger detailed timeline for that day, with leading rectangles using category colors and much more!
    Click on any day to switch to the Daily view for the selected day


    NEW! - Tasks View
    Manage all of your tasks in one view using advanced tools designed especially for professional task management!
    Group tasks by category, completion and more. Define up to two sort levels for your tasks display
    Easily create new or complete/activate and edit your existing tasks from the Tasks view
    View status icons, category icons and priority icons for each task in the list
    Optionally include bottom preview pane displaying more details about the currently highlighted task


    Enhanced Dialogs
    NEW! Tabbed display for easier item management and navigation!
    NEW! Dedicated Notes tab featuring Nokia Notes style directly with your appointments and tasks
    NEW! Complete professional SVG graphics for improved design and user friendly interface
    Use SBSH Calendar to create short-term multi-purpose reminders for small daily activities
    Fast insertion of pre-defined 'My Text' subject and location fields that can be customized
    Complete categories management. Define category icons and colors. Assign categories to items and more!
    The subject, location, and note input fields support full screen control for easier input and reading with large texts
    Support for many common recurrence patterns allow you to define recurring events directly from your S60 device
    Quickly link contacts to appointments and tasks and easily dial to your associated contacts when viewing your items.
    Create Birthday items automatically displaying with the person's age


    NEW! - High Resolution, Symbian 9.x, E90 Ready, Google Syncing and more!
    NEW! Google Categories support when syncing with Google Calendar
    NEW! Full-Screen mode that brings more information to your device screen
    Optimized for use with the new E90 device and similar large screen models
    Support for all available S60 devices resolutions and orientation
    Full support for new series 60 3rd edition (Symbian 9.x) devices, such as the Nokia E61, E90, N80, N91/92/93 and more!
    Support for all series 60 Symbian OS versions: 6, 7, 8 and 9 (3rd edition)


    Development log for SBSH Calendar 1.5 Beta 2
    * Added "Timeline Start" setting to the General Settings.
    * Added "Timeline Length" setting to the General Settings.
    * Fixed category icon selection.
    * Fixed pasting an item not updating the screen.
    * Added option to select occurrence range when setting a category for a repeating item using the "7" shortcut key.
    * Fixed category setting issue where it would show the wrong screen.
    * When "inserting contact" into an item, the full name of the contact selected is also added.
    * Fixed editing and saving a recurring event with "This & All" chosen.
    * Fixed crash when creating new recurring events on the Daily view.
    * Fixed some strange "item selection" issues when switching days on the Daily view.
    * Fixed "GooSync" extra space bug.
    * Fixed tasks sorting issues. Overdue tasks come first; Completed tasks come last; Undated tasks are also at the bottom;
    What's in between is sorted by priority and Subject.
    * If alarm already happened when saving an item it is removed when saving.
    * Fixed Chinese showing up as squares.

    Development log for SBSH Calendar 1.5 Beta 1
    * Name changed to SBSH Calendar.
    * New and improved calendar manipulation algorithms means a major speed improvement.
    * New awesome SVG graphics for the status icons of items and category icons!.
    * Changed loading and saving of color settings. Only colors that were changed by the user will be saved/loaded from the INI.
    The rest will be loaded by default (currently Monthly view loads default colors from the chosen Theme).
    This update is also changed in the Color Settings dialog.
    * Better recurrence support:
    When editing an existing recurring item, a dialog box pops up to ask if the update should be for "All Series" or "This occurence".
    When editing a single occurence, it is not possible to change the repeating pattern.
    * It is now possible to update a "single occurence" of a repeating pattern.
    * It is now possible to remove an occurence from a repeating pattern ("All Series").
    * It is now possible to change the repeating pattern for a recurring item ("All Series").
    * It is now possible to create a recurring item from an existing non-recurring item (and visa versa).
    * All overdue tasks show regardless of their due date (used to be 2 months in the past).
    * Allday events now show location as well.
    * Fixed Copy/Cut/Paste memory leak.
    * Fixed memory leak in the Item's Details dialog for non-tasks.
    * Fixed memory leak in the Tasks view.
    * Fixed copy/pasting of a recurring item (now pastes a new non-repeating single occurence of the original).
    * Anniversaries as well as Birthdays show year count on the various views.
    * Birthdays are distinguished by their own icon (star).
    * You can now scroll-around in the Tasks view.
    * Alarms are saved when pasting items.
    * Fixed crash when trying to paste an item that has already been deleted.
    * Fixed "year reset" when setting a category for an anniversary/birthday through "7".
    * When importing birthdays into the calendar, the new birthdays take on the Sync value of the "Defauly Sync Value" setting.

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    SBSH Calendar 1.5 Beta 2 S60v3 Regged *New Interface & Improved*

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  10. nhuhienltd

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    cClock v1.21 SIGNED S60v3 UPDATED 8/OCT/2008


    cClock (pronounced "see-clock") is a screen saver that run on Nokia phone S60 3rd edition.

    It feature big font and prevent deep power saver mode on Nokia 6120 classic and Nokia 6110.

    You need activate it under Themes->Power saver->cClock vx.xx

    You can preview it under Themes->Power saver->cClock->Options->Preview

    Please power on/off your phone if you reinstall cClock in order to activate new version of cClock.

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