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  1. thuyhanlt

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    TTPOD 4.0 Beta 3 S60v5 S^3 SymbianOS9.x UnSigned EN By Ayurvedic


    This version applies to the S60 Fifth Edition and Symbian ^ 3 touch-screen phone,
    S60 Fifth Edition
    Nokia 5230/5232/5233/5235/5238/5288/5250/5530/5800/5800i/5800w/5802XM/C5-03/C6/N97/N97i/N97 mini/X6
    Sony Ericsson U1i (Satio) / U5i (Vivaz) / U8i (Vivaz pro)
    Samsung i8910 HD
    Symbian ^ 3
    Nokia C6-01/C7/E7/N8

    New version features

    1, lower operating memory footprint;
    2, optimization songs switch threads to speed up switching speed;
    3, the player interface to support loop sliding;
    4, support Dream Star visualization switching;
    5, increasing lyrics adjustment;
    6, increasing the new landscape mode;
    7, support custom equalizer;
    8, increasing rejection song features.

    A list of changes and new features
    1, the list layout adjustment, return to play and recommended swapped every day;
    2, the list supports semi-transparency;
    3, the list drag the slider to increase rapidly;
    4, the list add the menu, exit the program from the list;
    5, increasing song sorting;
    6, increasing the list of new features.

    Add some personality features
    1, the screen backlight Always switch;
    2, exit prompts switch;
    3, the word graph storage location setting;
    4, Fade switch;
    5, started playing switch;
    6 position switch out memory;
    7, unplug the headset to suspend switch;
    8, the hold button to quickly return switch;
    9, long press the volume side key the song switch.

    Other functions

    1, check for updates to increase functionality;
    2, increasing Tell a Friend feature;
    3, increasing feedback function;
    4, increasing word graph error function;
    5, increased night mode;
    6, the splash screen support for jpg format.


    1, solve the random mode, music player will repeat the question;
    2, solve the "last played" in the song will play two songs loop problems;
    3, the solution after setting the sleep mode, can not be canceled after the cancellation problem will still perform the operation.

    Other Details

    1, the mini-player can support image display;
    2, scanning vibrating alert after the end;
    3, Symbian3 one hundred volume optimization.

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  2. Khỉ Con

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    chả thấy update gì cho v3 nhỉ :(
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    thử xem thế nào! :d
  4. thuyhanlt

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    Chắc 3rd bị đụng nóc nên không phát triển được nữa :D.
  5. ndc1711

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    Sao cái bản 4.0 này em cài chạy nó chỉ hiện đc mỗi cái ảnh đầu tiên (nền trời) rồi nó tự out chả thấy báo cáo gì cả
  6. thuyhanlt

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    Bạn cài thêm cái patch for run nữa mới được.
  7. thuyhanlt

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    TTPod v4.0 Final S60v5 SymbianOS 9.4

  8. thuyhanlt

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    TTPod 4.0 Final English | Exclusive Translation By itZoM™ | New Skins & Effect


  9. Alexander Hoang

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    có bác nào biết cách thay icon của TTpod không. Em muốn thay icon mặc định của nó thành icon wmp 12 trong window 7 mà ko biết cách làm
  10. Khỉ Con

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    Alexander Hoang thích bài này.