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  1. tichau

    tichau Guest

    MobFinance US Edition-Mobile investor assistant


    MobFinance is a powerful stock tracking and portfolio management program that enables an investor to monitor stock portfolios traded on 10 US exchanges by retrieving stock quotes, live charts, and related business headlines directly to mobile phone. It offers a broad range of trade information for stocks, mutual funds, and derivatives from major markets including NYSE, NASDAQ, OTC Bulletin Board Market etc.
    Using MobFinance, an investor can create his own portfolios, and track values of a individual stock and entire portfolio all at once. It also generate charts that helps an investor to observe the price trend and capture momentum. WAP proxy is fully supported and five different language support meets the needs of multi-national investors.
    - Real-time symbol lookup (10 minutes delay)
    - Comprehensive quotes for stocks, mutual funds, futures, ETFs traded on 10 major US exchanges, including American Stock Exchange, NASDAQ Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, New York Board of Trade, New York Commodities Exchange, New York Mercantile Exchange, OTC Bulletin Board Market, and Pink Sheets
    - Integration of iMobLife's RssNews!(Mobile Rss Reader) that enables investors to manage & browse latest market news feeds
    - Efficient portfolio management options (Self-defined Categories, Quick Portfolio Summary, Watch List, etc.)
    - Smart Portfolio Manager & Profit Tracker, Stock Shares & Market Value Management/Auto-calculation
    - Enhanced portfolio management that links each stock to a specific exchange and allows to update all portfolios with one click
    - Intuitive and super easy-to-use interface for non-professional mobile users
    - Live stock details including Last Trade, Trade Time, Daily Change, Day's Range, 52wk Range, Volume Market Cap, EPS, Div & Yield and more...
    - Live stock charts for Daily / Weekly / Yearly time ranges
    - Save a full range of quote information and live charts into local storage for offline review and analysis
    - Latest headline news related to each specific stock & Open original headline news links in your handset's default web browser
    - Automatically adjusting displaying resolution for charts that fits in the screen of mobile phones
    - Adjustable displaying format of portfolio according to your preference
    - Full Wap proxy support
    - Multi-language support-English, German, Italian, Spanish, French
    - Compressed data transferring support which saves up to 80% of network usage.

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  2. tichau

    tichau Guest

    Tea Vui Huang's Aibo Memories v1.0 {Sony's 3D Playable Aibo for Mobile Phones}


    Tea Vui Huang's Aibo Memories is a 3D Playable Sony Aibo for Mobile Phones. The direction stick on the mobile phone can be used to make Aibo stand, sit, lie down and jump up.

    3D animation of the 7 Series ERS-7M3/W Pearl White Aibo was designed on the Sony AIBO Motion Editor. Aibo Memories was created in memory of Aibo (1999-2006).


    1. Use the direction stick to move Aibo.

    Compatible Mobile Phones
    Sony Ericsson[​IMG]
    K700i, K700c, K750i, K750c, D750i
    W600a, W550i, W550c, W800i, W800c
    Z1010, Z500a, Z520i, Z520c, Z520a, Z800i F500i, K500i, K506c, K508i, K508c, K600i
    K300i, K300c, K300a, J300i, J300c, J300a
    S700i, S700c, S710a, V800, Vodafone 802SE

    Nokia Series 40
    2855, 3152, 3155, 3155i, 3220, 5140, 5140i, 6020, 6030, 6060,
    6101, 6102, 6111, 6152, 6155, 6155i, 6165, 6170
    6230, 6230i, 6235, 6235i, 6255, 6265, 6265i, 6270, 6280, 6822
    7260, 7270, 7360, 7370, 8800

    Nokia Series 60 / S60
    N70 , N71, N80, N90, N91, N92, E60, E61, E70, N95, N96
    3250, 6682, 6680, 6681, 6630, 6600

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  3. tichau

    tichau Guest

    *HOT* Mocap Phone v1.0 {Make Animations from Human movement with Phone Accelerometer}


    Mocap (or motion capture) refers to the recording of human / object movements for applications such as animation, movies and games. The recorded movement data is then used to animate human and object models in 3D animation. Tea Vui Huang's Mocap Phone is a mobile application[​IMG] that enables a suitable mobile phone[​IMG] to be a limited 2-axis / 3-axis motion capture device.

    New generation of mobile phones[​IMG] appearing in the shops are starting to feature motion sensors as standard features of the phone. These Wii-mote-like motion sensors are generally utilising a MEMS (Micro-electro mechanical systems) Accelerometer. It is this built-in Accelerometer (e.g. Analog Devices ADXL340KCPZ) that Mocap Phone uses to detect movements of the phone. A red LED strobe-ring decal is totally optional.

    The Accelerometer's pitch, roll & direction is used for 3-axis motion capture. However, some phones do not have sensors for direction and hence only 2-axis motion capture of pitch & roll is available. These information are subsequently converted into (rx, ry, rz) animation data and / or (tx, ty, tz) position data in the phone. They are then exported to the phone's removable storage (microSD card) in widely-used industry-standard mocap formats such as Vicon C3D, Autodesk FBX and Acclaim AMC & ASF, as well as a direct Maya MEL format.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If a built-in Accelerometer is available for motion capture, you can point, roll & pitch the phone to generate motion data. However, if an Accelerometer is NOT available for motion capture on the phone, you can still use keys 1/3, 4/6, 7/9 to simulate azimuth, roll & pitch.

    Note: Selecting Vicon C3D format will result in 2 position data files - a pose & a motion file; Maya MEL usage - Enter the animation script name followed by the object name at the MEL command line, e.g. 'dance nurbsCube1'; You can use Autodesk FbxConverter to convert FBX animation files into 3DS & COLLADA format; Selecting Acclaim format will also result in 2 position data files - a skeleton ASF & a motion AMC file; See the following sections for more information.



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  4. minhtue

    minhtue Super Moderator Staff Member

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    Menstrual Cycle Calendar v3.0 S60v3 J2ME


    An easy and user-friendly menstrual cycle calendar for women

    Predicts your menstrual period and ovulation and gives you a monthly calendar view.


    * Saves and takes track of all your cycle dates.
    * Forecasts your future menstrual cycles.
    * Calculates and graphs your cycles duration.

    Supported Languages

    * English
    * Italian


    * Nokia 3250
    * Nokia 5500 Sport
    * Nokia E50
    * Nokia E60
    * Nokia E61
    * Nokia E62
    * Nokia E65
    * Nokia E70
    * Nokia N71
    * Nokia N73
    * Nokia N75
    * Nokia N77
    * Nokia N80
    * Nokia N91
    * Nokia N91 8GB
    * Nokia N92
    * Nokia N93
    S60 3rd Ed. Feature Pack 1
    * LG-KS10
    * LG-KT610
    * Nokia 5700 XpressMusic
    * Nokia 6110 Navigator
    * Nokia 6120 Classic
    * Nokia 6121 Classic
    * Nokia 6124 Classic
    * Nokia 6290
    * Nokia E51
    * Nokia E66
    * Nokia E71
    * Nokia E90 Communicator
    * Nokia N76
    * Nokia N81
    * Nokia N81 8GB
    * Nokia N82
    * Nokia N95
    * Nokia N95 8GB
    * Samsung SGH-G810
    * Samsung SGH-i450
    * Samsung SGH-i520
    * Samsung SGH-i550
    * Samsung SGH-i550w
    * Samsung SGH-i560
    S60 3rd Ed Feature Pack 2
    * Nokia 5320 XpressMusic
    * Nokia 6210 Navigator
    * Nokia 6220 Classic
    * Nokia 6650
    * Nokia N78
    * Nokia N79
    * Nokia N85
    * Nokia N96
    * Samsung GT-i8510 (INNOV8)
    * Samsung SGH-L870

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  5. minhtue

    minhtue Super Moderator Staff Member

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    AutoSisInstaller v1.01 Beta


    Automatically install applications without your interference!

    How to use:
    1, you need to copy all the applications you want to install on E:\Basket\ 2, enter the AutoSisInstaller application, press "StartInstall", it will automatically install all the files in that folder 3, After the process is complete, there would be a summary telling you which files failed to install.
    Why to use AutoSisInstaller ?
    1, Have many favourite applications to install after a firmware update? 2, Want to try many innovative apps after bought a new phone? 3, Get bored to press many keys to install an applicaton?
    Another cool usage:
    Share with your friend your favourite applications

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    DOAN DUNG Ex-Mod

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    X-plore 1.30 S60 3rd AllfilesCaps BiNPDA

    X-plore 1.30 S60 3rd AllfilesCaps BiNPDA

    This modified version allows you to see the system folders after the new hack without caps off. You dont need anymore Modo

    * View all drives / folders / files on phone [ important]
    in tree view *
    * Integrated text and image viewer
    * View file details
    * Edit file attributes (hidden, read-only, etc.)
    * Rename and delete files
    * Create or edit text files
    * Creating folders
    * Multi-selection
    * Copy or move files and folders
    * Send files via Bluetooth or infrared
    * Extract files from ZIP, RAR, Jar archives
    * Pack files to Zip archive
    * View Word documents[important]

    * Hardware device info
    * View processes and tasks **
    * Built-in program update
    * Viewing, saving files in Messaging folders
    * Hex viewer and editor
    * Search for files
    * Folder hotkeys
    * Simple audio player
    * Simple video player ***

    write or delete on sys folder dont work but on private it works fine.
    Note: Its v1.30 (unregistered)
    Note: This isn't a cr*ck for Xplore v1.30.

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    DOAN DUNG Ex-Mod

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    HYREX Listen to your music collection

    HYREX Listen to your music collection


    Welcome to Hyrax beta!
    Listen to your music collection on the web and your mobile phone.
    Never sync or transfer your music files again.
    Simply install Hyrax and your entire collection will be online instantly.

    Hyrax on mobile phones

    You can access your Hyrax Account with your mobile phone and listen to your music on the go. To do so you'll need to install Hyrax on your phone. Not all phones are currently supported. For information about installing Hyrax on your mobile phone click the link appropriate to your phone below.

    * Hyrax for Symbian S60 - this includes mainly Nokia phones but also some Samsung and LG phone models. Click the link to see a list of supported phones.
    * Hyrax on iPhone and iPod touch.

    If you have a different phone model and are interested in using Hyrax on that phone, please contact us and let us know about it as we are always interested in improving our service.
    Hyrax Music
    With Hyrax your music collection turns instantly into an online repository where you can browse, organize, search, and most importantly listen to your music. Your Hyrax online music collection can also be accessed from your mobile phone immediately upon registration. With Hyrax you can access your entire music collection from anywhere without any syncing or file transfers.

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    DOAN DUNG Ex-Mod

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    AsgaTech UniDic v2.0.3 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned

    AsgaTech UniDic v2.0.3 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned

    UniDic is one of the most powerful and comprehensive electronic multi languages dictionaries supported with Speaker engine.


    English < > Arabic &amp; English < >French &amp; Arabic < > French.

    Main Features:
    Very nice and comfortable user interface.
    Rich dictionary, it contains about 100,000 Words and their translation.
    Supported with a speaker to say the selected word.
    6 dictionaries with the ability to choose between them:
    English < > Arabic & English < >French & Arabic < > French
    Easy seeking for a specific word by using up and down arrows or by writing it.
    Display the word and all its translations.
    Enable you to copy the selected translation word.
    Virtual keyboard to simulate the phone keyboard.
    4 UI languages (English – Arabic- Farsi - Urdu).

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  9. Leonidas®

    Leonidas® Thành viên

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    Metro v5.7.5 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 Freeware [Updated 03/16/2009]

    Metro v5.7.5 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 Freeware [Updated 03/16/2009]


    Release 5.7.5

    New cities: Brno (Czech Republic), Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)
    Major city changes: Bonn, Buenos Aires, Görlitz, Istanbul, Mainz, Porto, Saarbrücken
    Other changes: Basel, Beijing, Bogotá, Bratislava, Bremen, Chicago, Delhi, Essen, Frankfurt, London, Manchester, Manila, Moscow, New York, Nuremberg, Paris, Prague, Singapore
    Removed city: Ulaanbaator
    Symbian (UIQ, S60, S80, S90)
    Minor improvements
    Development in progress for S60 v5 (Nokia 5800)
    Development abandoned for UIQ 3 & Nokia 9200

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    DOAN DUNG Ex-Mod

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    Light Sabre (Accelerometer) For FP2 Devices

    Light Sabre (Accelerometer) For FP2 Devices

    The Coolest Weapon Ever Gets An Update! Now Supports 3rd Ed FP2 and the 5Th Ed Devices!

    LightSabre is applications without real purpose but it's still cool as itallows to use your phone as a Light Sabre with a pretty impressivesound effects.

    Application actually uses the Nokia N95Accelerometer Plug-in package to hook into the accelerometer andtransfer the movement into cool sound effects.

    New versionallows complete control over your Sabre via new settings menu that notkeeps settings and adds some new features like vibration.

    Enjoy any bugs / suggestions please post on the blog.

    Here is the complete list of the new features:

    * Vibration support with Sabre Tingle™
    * Set up your sabre technology™ including
    * Set Volume
    * Set Sensitiviy (from 8 (little movement) to 120 (fling across room for swing)
    * Set Vibration On / Off
    * Set Hit Detection (Auto detects strong movement as hit, Random, causes random hit effect slightly more responsive)
    * Set Sabre Colour (Green, Red , Yellow, Blue, Magenta, Cyan, Orange);
    * Setting are now saved.

    How to use:
    1. IMPORTANT install to internal memory ( C:/) drive (known defect)
    2.For best results turn off auto screen rotation in phone settings(otherwise you’ll get lag in the sound when the screen changes)

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