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    [Harald Meyer] CameraPro 1.0.5 Symbian^3-UNSigned-Retail-Sagib


    CameraPro provides fast and powerful access to your phone's photo and video camera. It is designed especially for Nokia's N8 with its powerful camera.

    List of Features

    * Quick access (one-tap) to all functions
    * Raw jpeg stream (raw data received from camera)
    * Various flash modes
    * Whitebalance
    * Exposure modes and compensation
    * Image Controls: Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness
    * Effects: negative, sepia, black/white, natural, ...
    * Shooting assistance: virtual horizon, compass, sparse- and dense grids
    * Camera modes: anti-shake, time lapse, bracket (for HDR), self-timer, burst shooting
    * Macro modes
    * Manual ISO level
    * Presets (to store and load custom settings)
    * Background processing: pictures are stored in background (allows faster shooting)
    * 11x Digital Zoom
    * Continous autofocus for photos and videos
    * HD video (full quality and 15,25,30 fps),
    * Video stabilization
    * Expert video mode to gain full access: custom frame sizes (up to HD), video/audio bitrates, video/audio codecs, frame rates (from 1 to 30fps).

    Supplied by: Sagib
    RePack by: Kryak

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Taking pictures with CameraPro seems to be slower than with the built-in camera application!

    CameraPro processes images in background, so you can capture more images directly after taking a picture. But CameraPro provides 100% quality (=raw jpeg) by default which results in up to 5 times larger image sizes (like 10 MB instead of 2 MB). Thus sometimes CameraPro can be a little bit slower than the built in camera when taking pictures with 100% quality.

    How can I take pictures in 16:9 format?

    When you are in photo mode, please goto "Settings" and change the image size to e.g. "4000x2248".

    How can I record videos?

    To switch to video mode goto the "Camera Mode" menu item and select "Video mode". Video recording is started with the same buttons as used for image capturing.

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    Pmem hay ghê,giống bản mod 4.0 cho n8 nhưng pro hơn. K biết có ai đã thử chưa :x
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    bản này đã sign chưa bác
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    chưa bạn ạ, bạn down về rồi sign ;)
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    Có bác nào thử PM này rùi cho ý kiến cái nhỉ
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    cái này chụp hình sử lí chậm lắm ....
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    cái này dùng cho N96 được không vạy bác ?