SymDVR v1.08 S60v3v5 ^3 - biến camera thành webcam

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  1. Khỉ Con interista


    Symbian 9.1-9.4, S^3
    Main features
    - Supports continuous video recording
    - Delete old records automatically
    - Supports zoom in/out during recording
    You can choose or adjust following options:
    - video resolution
    - frame rate
    - audio codec
    - audio and video bitrate
    - size of one video file
    - storage limit
    - disk drive
    Known bugs:
    - inner video player shows black screen during playing video (Symbian 9.4+ only)
    - viewfinder image freezes after application become active (after it back from background mode)
    Next steps of development:
    - Bug fixing
    - Turn on\off sound during video recording
    - Show GPS data on the screen and put it to text file
    - Store tracks in .mps or .gpx formats.

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